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No.1 Out to See

November 14, 2010


this is a link to a short video I just made starting off a series that I’m creating using the limitations of under five minutes time and my macbook photobooth

it can also be viewed here:

October, 17th 2010

October 27, 2010

october in chicago; just like a dream

October 27, 2010


many of these photos are distorted and with no digital manipulation/editing. I used a couple different used black and white filters. I just purchased them for pocket change at the old Poloroid Store a couple blocks from here. It kind of looks like a dream; I think I like it here.

September, 27th, on the floor

October 5, 2010
"dont bother me with this, now"

September, 21,2010

September 22, 2010

may, 2009, refound

September 13, 2010

old photos, new perspective

September 9, 2010


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